I think in my lifetime, of 15 years, I have done alot of things many people will not get a chance to do, I am lucky to have done these things and I hope more people will get a chance! I choose to do these things because they are amazing experiences and because I can. Im sure I will do more in the future as well.

Here are the top ten experiences of my life (so far) in accending order:

1. I met Derren Brown in High Wycombe after his show, which was AMAZING to say the least, he is very clever with psychology and hypnosis and many people I know look up to him. I am an avid fan of his, proving this by having two autographs of his and all his dvd’s and books! Great guy!

2. Two years ago I went on a trip to Germany to a town called Traben Trarbach with my school, we stayed in a youth hostel, which was very nice, but the trips inside the main trip was what made it extra special. We went to one of the oldest cities in Germany, we went to an amazing castle and did many other things like wine tasting, shhh! Then, in West Germany, I went on a exchange to Leichlingen, a town near to Colougne. I was staying, for a week, with a german my age, they were very nice to me and I had a great time, I respect Germany for being such a beautiful country and giving me happy memories!

3. In Wales there are many caves, I have been caving there many times, not in a club, just with trips, but some that I have done are for experts. I have done very amazing things whilst caving, rock climbing with 100ft drops, swimming in a disused mine, squeezing through a 20ft tunnel just as wide as me. I love the adrenaline rush whilst caving, I’d do it again anyday, I’d love to do that cave where you base jump in!

4. Snowdon in Wales is 3560ft (1085m) high, I climbed not only this mountain but many others in the horse shoe of mountains as well! Also what made it hard was the extreme cold and rainy weather blowing against my face and knowing I wouldnt see the view because of clouds, I wish I could, it would have made the experience a whole lot better!

5. A year ago in easter I went on holiday to St Lucia, the whole holiday was good and some other things I did are in my top 10 but this is number 4, when we got there we got asked if we wanted to fly in a helicopter to an airport the other side of the island instead of having a 3 hour bus ride. The helicopter ride only took 20 mins and it was a great experience, that feeling you get in your stomach when going over a bump in the road, well, this was applified 10 times! The views were amazing also! I may upload a video of it!

To be continued (6-10)