I am Xylaphonic, well, that is only my nick name for the internet, my real name is James! I come from the UK, Buckinghamshire to be exact. I have many hobbies and I think I am very lucky in what I have done in my 15 years of living! I will tell you about my top ten experiences in my life in another post. Now I am going to explain why I want do blogging.

Blogging for me is a great technology, posting information, thoughts and interests where many people across the world can read them is amazing! I want to do a blog not only for other people to see but for me to keep track of things which have happened and how I am changing! I am privileged to be able to do this with my thoughts and experiences so hopefully I will get something out of it! In my blogs I will review many things I have seen or played or used, as in films, games and gadgets, hopefully they will help you in your decision of watching or purchasing these items.

Ten things I love

1. Music (Rammstein, VNV Vation, Gary Numan, Muse and various types of music)
2. Films (The Pianist, War of the Worlds, The Prestige, Borat, Bonds Films and various others)
3. Photography
4. Money
5. My friends (Jay, Jamie, Josh, Joe, Simon, Eddy, Ed S, Daz, Error, Nick and various others)
6. Internet (MSN, Forums, Blogging, Video’s)
7. Bike Riding/Camping (Marlow Common, Wales, New Forest)
8. Philosophy, Psychology and Hypnosis
9. Comedy (Monty Python, Bill Bailey, Robin Williams)
10. Fire (Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, Rammstein Concerts)

Ten things I hate

1. Jahova’s Witnesses (the door-to-door kind)
2. Chav’s (Britains most dangerous insects)
3. Emo’s (the “oh, Im so fat, Im going to kill myself” type)
4. The government of the UK and USA
5. The New World Order
6. Cruelty to animals (as in shooting and physical abuse to them, not testing to save humans lives)
7. Pathetic girls who cry at everything, get your life together and have fun!
8. Racism towards white people!
9. People who think philosophy is a waste of time
10. People who copy other people (who have no individualism)


One Response to “About me”

  1. subliminaljay said

    :O Yay im on oone of the things you love :O

    I love you too -kiss kiss-

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