Im back, number 2!

September 17, 2007

Haha, it makes me laugh how I made this announcement ages ago but never stuck to it, I bet I’m doing the same here. Anyway, I’m back for now! 😀


The rain starts to fall as the sky dims to blue, new radio broadcasts of War are all true. Unexpected excitement of boys that are young, who can’t sleep on the thought that It has begun. New measures of safety, they call it “blackout”, where only the wardens and cats are about. Signs are removed and great confusion pursues, as propaganda stories are read in news.

“We need YOU!” they plead and “sign up now, today!”, “I will fight for my country”, thats what they say. Gathered outside, it’s for recruitment, they wait, young boys, from school, secretly to young, debate.

I am in the process of writing more, this is just a snippet. It’s like a story poem I think.