May 22, 2007

Take a look at this video, it’s a board with wheels between the trucks that spin 360 degrees. This enables you to spin your board with easy, it is designed to act like a snowboard but for concrete hills. The feeling and riding of the freebord feels like snowboarding. You can carve like you do with snow and stop almost instantly from any speed. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who have never skated or snowboarded, and for skaters who thinks it will be the same, dont even try. Apparently it’s an enormous learning curve to got from the skateboard to the freebord (yes, that is how it’s spelt).

Anyway, I would like to say I am getting one of these for my birthday in a few months, I will post my progress on the blog and post videos for you to watch as I get better. Please take a moment to look at this video, these guys are professionals, very very cool!


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