Are we being watched?

December 5, 2006

Everywhere we go, every high street we walk down, we are being watched, people are watching every camera, CCTV is taking over the Uk and the world, In fact the UK alone has over 20% of CCTV camera’s in the world. This makes UK the most watched nation in the world. In the UK there is one CCTV camera for every 12 people, that makes over 5 million camera’s. surv_cams1.jpgThere are many good and bad outcomes of being watched, I am only mentioning two, one is that by being watched crimes have dropped by up to 60% since 1995, also many more murders or attacks have been brought to justice. Knowing you are being watched comforts some people, on the other hand people are saying that government are deciding to use the surveillance to their ability. The government said shoppers may watched and scanned as they enter stores, school students could bring in cards allowing parents to monitor what their children eat. cctv_van1.jpgThese camera’s in the street all can be rotated with a joystick, by turning the joystick a man could see a murder or an attack happen, if this part of the street wasn’t being watched then nothing would be done towards the murder. Also some camera’s now even have infrared and sound detection, there is no hiding! Camera’s catch you around 300 times if you spend a whole day walking around central London, also they can read number plates and scan your face into a database. Do you want to get falsely accused of a crime and your face come up on the computer, neither do I, what do you think?


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