Memories of Home

December 3, 2006

Memories of Home

I look down towards the ground,
Damp and wet all around,
Mud and blood stain my boots,
Left there by a new recruit.

Tears fill my eyes,
I try to disguise,
My memories from home.

Running towards the front line,
Aches and pains all combine,
Heart beats fast and lungs inflate,
I know I’m in a bad state.

Thick, dark smoke covers my sight,
Yellow gas, I scream with fright,
Down I fall to my knee’s,
Not now, not me, don’t please!

I feel pain now,
Not much more I can allow,
My memories from home.

Breathing is hard, I feel faint,
In and out of consciousness,
German voices coming near,
Closer and closer, they appear.

Standing right there,
In front, they stare,
My memories from home.

This is the end, no doubt,
A man moves, HALT they shout,
They shoot, blood comes from his head
No saving him now, he’s dead.

I close my eyes,
And wait to die
My memories from home.

James Crocker – Written on 2nd February 2006


2 Responses to “Memories of Home”

  1. ducky said


    i got tears rolin down my face

    that touched me in a special place

    couldnt resist the ryme

    kick ass poem :’)

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